Train with Easy Dingo

Train with Easy Dingo

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Getting Started

Click here to fill out my contact form & schedule a free consultation, plus book training sessions, buy merch, follow on social, send payments, leave a review, and more! Serving southeast Iowa & surrounding areas.

Learn the skills & concepts necessary for real world success with your dog. Choose the number of lessons you need, or purchase an all-inclusive package.

Unlimited Package

  • Unlimited private lessons
  • Lifetime follow-up & group training support
  • Priority scheduling
  • Included equipment: slip lead, long line, treat pouch, pet cot, pet corrector

A long-term program designed to address behavioral or emotional issues with a flexible, fair, and comprehensive approach. Working as a team, we will implement a customized training plan with lifestyle changes to provide safety & fulfillment, at a pace that promotes growth & progress.