Will Steingreaber

Dog Trainer • Fairfield, Iowa

My Story

I started out walking dogs and scooping poop as a volunteer at a local animal shelter in 2008. Within two years I was working full-time for the rescue, while living above the kennels in a tiny upstairs apartment. This immersive coexistence provided insight into the emotional lives of dogs that set me on a path of exploration and discovery. I spent hours observing and interacting with dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments. When I wasn't handling dogs I was thinking about them, reflecting and studying every resource I could dig up. It was experience that opened my mind, shaped my understanding of behavior, and sharpened my awareness and skill.

In 2014, I founded Easy Dingo and began training dogs professionally. Although my methods have evolved with time, I've retained a practical, mindful, and minimal approach. My techniques are straightforward and natural, best practiced with patience, consistency, and attention to detail. Problems are addressed from the dog's perspective and perception, and are resolved with fair compromise and mutual agreement. After a decade of learning and experimenting, I've often returned to the same conclusions: simpler is better, contrast is key, safety is paramount, and fulfillment is the objective.

These days my focus is helping people apply dog training in the real world. I've run intensive Board & Train programs from my home, taught Basic Obedience group classes for the local community college, and offered affordable Day Training and Dog Walking services - but nothing is more effective or enjoyable, in my opinion and experience, than guiding people through the life-changing process and opportunity of owning and training a dog.

Member of IACP and APDT. Bonded and Insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Fully vaccinated.