Will Steingreaber


1:1 Sessions

Training and skill building for dog owners. On-leash to off-leash handling instruction and guided support to help you achieve your training goals and realize your dog's potential.

Private Small Groups

A flexible, low-cost option enabling owners to create their own custom obedience classes, with full control over the variables that make traditional classes challenging. Choose the time, location, and length of class most convenient for you. Help set the course curriculum, and select the type of training you wish to focus on. Finally, pick your Pack! Learn and practice with close friends, family, neighbors, playdate pals, or dog park buddies. Classes can include 2-5 dogs (or puppies).

Walk & Train

This unique service is designed to bring daily fulfillment & structure to your dog's life, and to provide progressive training that will make your life easier as well. Initially your dog will spend one hour each weekday with me working on basic obedience and practicing mindful manners (plus any specific tasks, skills, or jobs you would like for them to perform). As they progress through the program, they will earn as they learn and can stay to play for half days! Opportunities to join pack activities and participate in structured socialization become available at no additional cost as your dog's listening skills improve - including play sessions, pack walks, and off leash hikes. Flexible options for pick-up and drop-off, but limited openings and availability (only Fairfield residents at this time). Private lessons included for owners, as needed.

Standard Rates
Effective October 2019

Initial In-Home Behavior Consultation
$50/hr $35/hr

1:1 Training Packages
$100 for 3 sessions
$250 for 10 sessions

+$50 for equipment (slip lead, long line, clicker, treat pouch)
+$250 for remote collar & accessories

Private Small Groups
$10 per dog per session

Walk & Train
$100/week or $25/day


Where can I learn more about your training?

Please visit the links below to discover & follow!

What forms of payment do you accept?

PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Facebok Messenger, Google Pay, Credit Card, & Cash

How do I contact you?

To get in touch, please send me a brief message or connect via the icons below.

What training tools do you use?

My go-to equipment for training and handling dogs includes basic slip leads (Mendota, Lucas Agnew), flat or martingale collars, long lines (Palomine), clickers, and treat pouches. I also utilize transitional leashes (K9 Lifeline), crates, muzzles (Baskerville), harnesses (Balance Harness), pet cots (4Legs4Pets), and training platforms (The Klimb), and can help your dog develop more positive associations with these tools through counter-conditioning. For interruption of certain specific unwanted behaviors, I may use or suggest a Pet Convincer/Pet Corrector, spray bottle, or the Doggie Don't device. If appropriate, and with owner agreement, I can layer in more advanced training tools, including head halters (Halti, Gentle Leader), prong collars (Herm Sprenger), or remote collars (E Collar Technologies Mini Educator). Once a tool has been properly conditioned and the dog has a full understanding of its "language" (pressure/release), I instruct the owner how to safely, humanely, and effectively use it for clear & gentle communication.


DIY Dog Training

This curated collection of YouTube tutorials is designed to help you teach your dog fundamental life skills. Various methods, techniques, tools, and training styles are included.

Shaping Behaviors

Leash Work

Place Work

Conditioning Training Tools

Leash Reactivity Tips

Puppy Basics

Will's Favorite Gear

Leashes & Slip LeadsStandard SizingStandard Pricing
Mendota Slip Lead3/8" x 6'$15.99
Mendota Snap Leash3/8" x 6'$15.50
K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash3/8" x 6'$20
Lucas Agnew Slip Lead66" (5.5')$25.95
Leerburg Lightweight Multi-Purpose Leather Leash3/8" x 5'$24.99
Texas Leather Leash1/4" X 4'$13.99
K9 Tactical Gear Leather Leash3/8" x 4'$27
Stray Leather Leash6'$45
K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash
Mendota Slip Lead
Leerburg Lightweight Multi-Purpose Leather Leash
Long Lines & HarnessesStandard SizingStandard Pricing
Mendota Long Snap Leash3/8" x 15'$23.95
Palomine Lines3/8" x 15-40'$23-$47
Lucas Agnew Dynamic Long Line15'$27.50
BLUE-9 Balance HarnessExtra Small - Large$39.95
Pet Convincer
StarMark Pro Training Clicker
Baskerville Muzzle
4Legs4Pets Cot
BLUE-9 The Klimb
Halti Headcollar
Herm Sprenger 2.25mm Prong Collar
E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator (Black)

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