Will Steingreaber

Dog Trainer - Fairfield, Iowa

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Will helped us understand our high-drive rescue pup in ways that I didn't even know were possible. Dixie's state of mind is much more calm and relaxed after working with Will, and she has been able to fulfill her instinctual drive day after day now that Will trained us on how to work with her to meet her needs. Will gave us the tools we need to help Dixie become confident and content. She can now calmly walk on a leash, be off-leash in structured situations, and understand how to remain in "place" when company comes over (among MANY other things). I cannot express how much closer we feel to our dog now that Will taught us how to meet her where she's at. This experience was one of the best investments that we've made, and my only wish is that we would've met with him sooner!

-Jaimie J.

We came to Easy Dingo with a neurotic, willful, and extremely vocal Australian Shepherd. Our goals were to have him walking politely on a leash and curb his social anxiety. Will has an amazing way of helping the owner to understand where behaviors come from. He's easy to talk to and the training exercises really work. Once we understood why our dog was behaving in certain ways, we were able to make changes. I have a better relationship with my dog because of training. Wouldn't trade it. Thanks, Will!

-Emily C

Will / Easy Dingo is amazing! I highly recommend his training services. It’s all about your mental state, your relationship with the dog(s), and the dog’s state of mind.

-Erin S

Will is a very competent, professional and knowledgeable trainer. Our yellow lab retriever was very anxious, afraid of strangers, and unpredictable with other dogs. Will helped us prepare him to move over-seas successfully. We still use the tools Will taught us, a year later, and we can now reliably allow our dog to interact with other dogs without any issues.

-Ila A

I have a 100 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback that is very strong, very willful and doesn't like strangers. Will helped me to build my own confidence when walking him. He helped me to feel more in control and taught me how to manage Herc's strength and sometimes unpredictable behavior. I used to be very nervous when I walked him, but now I feel much more confident and relaxed. Will has also helped me to train my dog to stay in place when I have visitors over at my house. This allows our dog to be more apart of our lives and to have a higher quality of life himself. I wish Facebook would let me give him 10 stars.

-Tanell L