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I help people across southeast Iowa train their dogs. My focus is on teaching solid foundation skills and shaping desired behavior. This approach reduces conflict, confusion, and chaos in our relationships with dogs. To learn more about the techniques & concepts I recommend for real world success & clear communication, please visit my social media or reach out with questions. I look forward to connecting with you & your dog.

- Will Steingreaber


Will helped us understand our high-drive rescue pup in ways that I didn't even know were possible. Dixie's state of mind is much more calm and relaxed after working with Will, and she has been able to fulfill her instinctual drive day after day now that Will trained us on how to work with her to meet her needs. Will gave us the tools we need to help Dixie become confident and content. She can now calmly walk on a leash, be off-leash in structured situations, and understand how to remain in "place" when company comes over (among MANY other things). I cannot express how much closer we feel to our dog now that Will taught us how to meet her where she's at. This experience was one of the best investments that we've made, and my only wish is that we would've met with him sooner!

Jaime J

We came to Easy Dingo with a neurotic, willful, and extremely vocal Australian Shepherd. Our goals were to have him walking politely on a leash and curb his social anxiety.  

 Will has an amazing way of helping the owner to understand where behaviors come from. He's easy to talk to and the training exercises really work. Once we understood why our dog was behaving in certain ways, we were able to make changes.  

 I have a better relationship with my dog because of training. Wouldn't trade it. Thanks, Will!

Emily C

Will understands dogs (and their humans) on a fundamental level. Every session of training we received provided lasting results and made a tremendous difference in our dog’s behavior and the way that we connected with her. This will be the best money you ever spend on your canine companion!

Nasseem H

Will is a great dog trainer. He helped us with our dog we adopted from the shelter. She had some behavioral issues, but with Will's guidance we had her on the right track in no time.

Kim B

Just stopping by to say thank you for all your help and wisdom!! You have a real gift for what you do!! Your techniques are effective, user friendly, and I really appreciated you explaining the process as we went along! Maggie is doing great and we are so happy with with your work!!!

Rhuie R

Will is a dog whisperer. He whispers, they listen. His pupils (dogs and their owners) learn amazing, useful, fun behavior without stress. Makes the dog-human relationship totally enjoyable for all.

Franca B

Will has been working with my dog for a little over a month now and I have seen great improvements. He is extremely patient and attentive to my highly excitable 2 year old pup. We learn something new every session and Will is also great at following up and taking any questions I have. His passion for his work shows and I highly recommend him to everyone! I look forward to working with him more!

Hopi J